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Llanddewi Velfrey Community Council

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The next meeting of the Council will be on Wednesday 10th March 2021. Please contact the Clerk on if you require information or advice specifically for Llanddewi Velfrey and the area, or any of the local Councillors.

Llanddewi Velfrey is a small village situated 3 ½ miles NE of Narberth and bisected by the A40 trunk road. The 2017 Electoral Register shows 295 on the electoral role and 150 homes with a mix of agricultural holdings and residential development from the late 1800’s to the present day. The centre of the village, now close to the A40, was originally known as Commercial, after the pub of that name. The oldest part of the village and the settlement originally known as Llanddewi Velfrey is located about ½ mile down a single- track lane looking south over a peaceful valley towards Lampeter Velfrey. The whole area has a rich history and is criss-crossed by a network of footpaths through the surrounding countryside that also connect to neighbouring settlements.

The name goes back to pre-Norman times. The ‘Llan’ or church is dedicated to St David or Dewi Sant, patron saint of Wales. ‘Velfrey’ derives from Efelffre, a pre-Norman territorial unit which also covered neighbouring Lampeter Velfrey and Crinow.

The village has its own post office, shop and filling station adjacent to the A40. As well as the Church, there are two chapels, Ffynnon on the western outskirts of the village and Bethel to the east. The spacious village hall is in the centre of the village on the road going north to Llanfallteg. It is used for functions, social events, group meetings that include line dancing, ballroom dancing, aikido, short mat bowls, WI, and Welcome Friends. Details of the Village Hall can be found on the County Council website. The village’s own website includes information about the village and its activities with editions of the regular village newsletter. This also gives contact details for the Community Council, Village Hall, Church, Chapels as well as details of events and other local organisations and news.

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Mrs Vicky Mitchell (Clerk)
SA33 4PS
T: 07999833038