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The village of Saundersfoot has a very strong community life. Its early history dates back to early Christian times. The beautiful parish church of St. Issell, which dates from the 13th century, is presumed to be on the site of an original place of worship where a number of routes converged.
The name Saundersfoot is thought to have derived from a combination of ‘Saunders’ - the name of an important family and ‘foot’ a topographical feature. A survey of 1700 shows Saundersfoot Farm near the present sea front car park.
With the passage of time, Saundersfoot has evolved from being a small fishing village, then a mining and ship building community and now a centre for leisure and tourism.
A local newspaper described Saundersfoot as being ‘a lovely resort, packed with a variety of small shops, craft and pottery studios, pubs, restaurants and cafes to suit all pockets. In addition, it offers a wide choice of accommodation making the village an ideal holiday destination and a perfect base for exploring South Pembrokeshire and beyond.’
As a community, Saundersfoot is a hive of activity throughout the year. There are over 50 local groups operating in the village and a multitude of activities centred on the recently rebuilt Regency Hall Community Centre plus a wide variety of events including the New Year’s Eve Fireworks and New Year’s Day Swim, St. David’s Day celebrations, Saundersfoot Regatta, Fish Week and Saundersfoot in Bloom, to name but a few.
A survey by the Cabinet Office into community life put considerable emphasis on the following: a strong sense of belonging to a neighbourhood, satisfaction with the area, and the cohesion of people from different backgrounds who willingly volunteer their time for various causes.
We have all these attributes in abundance and it makes the village of Saundersfoot a marvellous place both to live and visit.

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