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THE NEXT MEETING OF LLANRHIAN COMMUNITY COUNCIL WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY 5th SEPTEMBER AT 7.30pm. This will be a PHYSICAL meeting in Trefin Village Hall. (Members of the Public can attend any meeting, either physically or virtually - physical meetings take place in Trefin Village Hall - SA62 5AU while virtual meetings are held using Zoom. Links to meetings can be obtained from the Clerk on request.

Future meetings will be held on the 3rd October and 7th November. There is no Council meeting in August.

There is a local planning application out for consultation in Llanrhian. Please see Recent Uploads for details on this application and how members of the public may contribute to the planning consultation process.

You may be aware that Dr. Riley is resigning his General Medical Services at St. Davids Surgery with effect from the 31st October 2024. Care will continue to be given by the existing team at the Surgery until the end of October. Information about this may be found at and the surgery has produced a poster - see under Recent Uploads. A decision will be taken by Hywel Dda Health Board on the 25th July.

LLANRHIAN COMMUNITY COUNCIL though small is a dynamic and forward looking Council comprised of Councillors who all want to make a difference to their community.

The Council has increased its activities in the community substantially over the past 2 years and has become involved, both directly and indirectly, with several projects - the latest of which is to take over the running of the Porthgain public toilets. Without this commitment by the Council the toilets in Porthgain would have been closed.

In order to secure the future of the toilets and manage the other projects properly Councillors took a decision to increase the Precept (the amount added to the Council Tax to fund the Community Council) to £17,000 for the forthcoming year. The cost of this increase in the Precept is shared by all the Council Tax payers in the Community Council area and is proportionate to the Band that a property is in, ie. Band A households pay less than Band G households. Band D is in the middle and is used as an average when working out the cost of the Precept to home owners. The increase in the Precept will cost a Band D household an additional 25p per week or £12.97 for the whole year.

Agendas are posted on this site before each meeting and a Meeting Summary is made available within 7 days. The Minutes, once approved by the subsequent meeting, are then posted on this webpage. Copies of the Annual Returns (accounts) are available by email from the Clerk. (

If you would like to bring a matter to the Council's attention please see the information below on Public Participation.

WORK IS ONGOING WITH IMPROVEMENTS TO THE TREFIN PLAYPARK. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP PLEASE CONTACT CLLR. KATY JENKINS. A Just Giving page has been set up to raise money to refurbish the Pavilion and monthly donations are now possible. Just a small regular payment will build up into a substantial donation. We would be so grateful if you could make a contribution - please use this link if you wish to donate: Trefin Pavilion Just Giving Page

The Connected Communities Project is continuing to make a difference by strengthening existing community groups and establishing a long term community vision and has recently facilitated a local Housing Survey for the communities of Llanrhian, Mathry and Pencaer. To visit the Connected Communities website click here A copy of the Housing Survey Report is available in the Recent Uploads section of this webpage. Regular Community Meals are now being held in Community Halls around our area - these are proving very successful - for more details please contact Connected Communities here.

The current Chair of the Community Council is Cllr. Neil Prior: 07834 093 181

The Clerk to the Council is Vanessa Walker: 01646 601 335

Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting and there is a Public Participation slot at the start of the meeting for items to be brought to the Council for discussion. Items must be emailed in advance to the Clerk at least 5 days before any meeting if a decision is being sought, otherwise there will be discussion only. Please be aware that members of the public cannot contribute verbally to the rest of the meeting unless invited to do so.

Llanrhian Community Council represents the communities and surrounding areas of Croesgoch, Trefin, Llanrhian, Penparc, Square & Compass, Llanhowel and includes the coastal communities of Abereiddi and Porthgain. The area includes a section of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park known for its spectacular coastline.

The history of the area stretches back to the early medieval era, and during the 19th and early 20th centuries was known for its quarrying, and the remains of many buildings from this industrial past can still be seen, including the old mill at Trefin which dates from the 1400’s and is famous for being the subject of a poem by Crwys. Earlier evidence of human habitation exists with a 5,000 year old Neolithic burial chamber, Carreg Sampson, overlooking Abercastle.

Today, economic activity in the area is predominately driven by agriculture, fishing and tourism. The area has a slowly declining number of residents, with the latest population estimate being 873, with 30.2% being over 65 years of age and around 12% being aged 0-17 (source Office for National Statistics 2011). These contrast with the Welsh average of around 20% being over 65, and around 18% under 17. Of the 503 homes in the area, 83 are classed as second homes, illustrating the decline in permanent residency, and the increasing reliance on tourism.

Llanrhian Community Council is one of 78 community councils in Pembrokeshire, and forms the lowest tier of local government in Wales. The council is made up of 9 councillors and a Clerk, all living locally, and is committed to the effective representation of and betterment of the area.

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Vanessa TyrwhittWalker (Clerk)
7 Great Eastern Terrace,
SA73 1QA
T: 01646 601335
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