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Wiston Community Council

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The current community of Wiston, which is geographically one of the largest communities in the County covering 44 sq KM, is situated ot the north-west of Haverfordwest. The community stretches from the farmlands of Colby Moor in the south to Llysyfran Reservoir in the north and from Llawhaden in the east to Cartlett Brook in the west.

Settlement in fairly scattered, with the main concentrations in the rural villages of Clarbeston Road and Wiston. The majority of community services and facilities are located in Clarbeston Road which includes a village hall, post van, shop, public house, football fields and railway station.

The primary school for the are is located in Wiston along with a playgroup. The majority of secondary school children attend Haverfordwest VC Highschool. There are also welsh medium primary and secondary schools that pupils are able to attend.

The ward is currently represented by a county councillor (who also represents the wards of Spittal and Ambleston), and 9 community councillors: 7 councillors for Wiston and Clarbeston Road and 2 councillors for Walton East and Clarbeston. These councillors represent a total of 748 electorate in the ward.

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Samantha PhilippsHarries (Clerk)
7st Marys Avenue,
Walton East,
SA63 4SU
T: 447919810348
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